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HFO10 Series

10 tons per day

HFO10 Series

10 tons per day

The HFO10 Series with a capacity of 10 tons of ice per day is Vogt’s new champion of the mid-size Tube-Ice machine line utilizing HFO refrigerants with low GWP and zero ODP. Available as self contained water cooled or remote air-cooled unit, the HFO10 will provide you with years of dependable service without the fear of refrigerant obsolescence.

Heavy-duty industrial construction, automatic operation, energy efficiency and the best warranty in the business make the Vogt HFO10 Series the only “clear” choice for your ice making needs.

Featuring our new HMI display

Standard Features

  • 25 Year Evaporator Warranty
  • Voltage – 460V., 3Ph., 60Hz.
  • R513 Refrigerant
  • Highly efficient, reliable Bitzer screw compressor
  • Allen-Bradley PLC with thermocouples, pressure transducers and multiple built-in safeties
  • 10.1″ wide HMI display with remote access capability*
  • Water-cooled or remote air-cooled operation
  • Export crating (ISPM-15 Rated)
  • Power monitor on 50Hz units
    *Requires connection to the internet (ethernet connection)

New Features

  • Allen-Bradley PLC and sensors replace FPS, High/Low safety switches, thaw timer, DPS, etc.
  • Secure remote connectivity* with 5 user levels for extra security
  • Instant email notifications* of machine faults sent to key users limiting down time
  • HMI displays tips for machine faults for quick and easy troubleshooting
  • Detailed history and trends enable early detection of potential issues
  • Built-in maintenance log for better asset management
    *Requires connection to the internet (ethernet connection)


  • Voltage – 208/230V., 3Ph., 60Hz.
  • Voltage – 400V., 3Ph., 50Hz.
  • Condenser for sea water
  • Cutter for 1-1/2″ long ice
  • Cutter for crushed ice (not available on 1″ tube)
  • Stainless steel casings
  • “CE” approval (400V., 50Hz. only)
  • Canadian Registration Number (CRN)
  • Australian Wiring Code

Standard Ice Sizes

  • Tube-Ice: Approximately 7/8″ diameter x 1″ long (HFO10-1″ models)
  • Tube-Ice: approximately 1 1/8″ diameter x 1″ long (HFO10 1-1/4″ models)
  • Tube-Ice: Approximately 1 3/8″ diameter x 1″ long (HFO10 1-1/2″ models)
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