The P18AL Series with a capacity of 10 tons of ice per day is an ammonia low-side Tube-Ice machine designed to operate with a dedicated ammonia high-side or on a central refrigeration system. With the small footprint and the availability of crushed ice and cutterless options, the P18AL is ideal for use in many industrial applications with existing ammonia refrigeration systems.

Heavy-duty industrial construction, automatic operation, energy efficiency and the best warranty in the business make Vogt Tube-Ice machines the only “clear” choice for your ice making needs.

P18AL Standard Features:
25 Year Evaporator Warranty
Up to 10 tons of ice per day
Voltage – 230v.,3p.,60hz.
Control Voltage – 230v.,1p.,60hz.
UL 508A Industrial Control Panel
Ammonia flooded operation
Manufactured in accordance with A.S.M.E. code
Standard ice length 1”

P18AL Standard Ice Size:
Tube-Ice approximately 7/8″ Diameter X 3/4″ Long (P18AL-1″ models)
Tube-Ice approximately 1 1/8″ Diameter X 1″ Long (P18AL 1-1/4″ models)
Tube-Ice approximately 1 3/8″ Diameter X 1″ Long (P18AL 1-1/2″ models)
Crushed Ice 3/16″ to 1/4″ Thick on all models (approximately 32 lbs./cubic foot))

P18AL Options:
Voltage – 460 v.,3p.,60hz.
Voltage – 400v.,3p.,50hz.
Voltage – 575v.,3p.,60hz.
120v Controls
PLC Control panel (programmable logic controller)
Power monitor
Cutter for 1-1/2” long ice
Cutter for crushed ice
All stainless steel
“CE” Approval (400v, 50hz only)
Canadian Registration Number (CRN)