Vogt SuperCare

Vogt Ice - SuperCare

Defining SuperCare – Your Total Ice Solution

Dedicated to all aspects of Customer Service including Replacement Parts, Technical Assistance, Warranty, Factory Supervised Start up, and Training, the new SuperCare Division of Vogt is ready to serve you.

World Class Customer Service begins with the Sale and never truly ends for Vogt. We continue our fine tradition of meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations. By merging all aftermarket services under one division, our focus remains on realiability of human experts partnered with emerging technologies to deliver the best results. Expansion of our training initiatives offers distributors, reps, and customers a new dimension in learning. As the Knowledge Brokers in the Ice Industry, Vogt’s SuperCare Team is committed to your success.

With over 20,000 ice machines sold in over 160 countries worldwide, and incredible durability, SuperCare continues to provide you superior service on a global scale.