The P34AXL Series with a capacity of 80 tons of ice per day is an ammonia low-side Tube-Ice machine designed to operate with a dedicated ammonia high-side or on a central refrigeration system. The P34AXL will provide you with many years of dependable service. Heavy-duty industrial construction, automatic operation, energy efficiency and the best warranty in the business make Vogt Tube-Ice machines the only “clear” choice for your ice making needs.

P34AXL Standard Features:
25 Year Evaporator Warranty
Up to 80 tons of ice per day
Voltage – 230v.,3p.,60hz.
Control Voltage – 230v.,1p.,60hz
UL 508A Industrial Control Panel
Ammonia flooded operation
Manufactured in accordance with A.S.M.E. code
Standard ice length 1“

P34AXL Standard Ice Size:

Tube-Ice approximately 7/8″ Diameter X 1″ Long (P34AXL 1″ models)
Tube-Ice approximately 1 1/8“ Diameter X 1“ Long (P34AXL 1-1/4“ models)
Tube-Ice approximately 1 3/8“ Diameter X 1“ Long (P34AXL 1-1/2“ models)

P34AXL Options:
Voltage – 460 v.,3p.,60hz.
Voltage – 400v.,3p.,50hz.
Voltage – 575v.,3p.,60hz.
120v Controls
PLC Control panel (programmable logic controller)
Power monitor
Cutter for 1-1/2“ long ice
Cutter for crushed ice
R.S. control valves
Liquid overfeed
All stainless steel
“CE” Approval (400v, 50hz only)
Canadian Registration Number (CRN)