HFO5 Series

Vogt Ice Continues to Focus on the Future with the HFO5

The HFO5 Series Tube-Ice machine continues the Vogt tradition of providing long lasting machine reliability, delivered capacity and lower energy cost solutions. This 5 ton of ice per day machine utilizes HFO refrigerants with low GWP and zero ODP.

Available as a self contained water cooled unit or air-cooled remote, the HFO5 will provide you with years of dependable service without the fear of refrigerant obsolescence.

Heavy-duty industrial construction, automatic operation, energy efficiency and the best warranty in the business make the Vogt HFO5 Series the only “clear” choice for your ice making needs.

HFC refrigerants (i.e. R404a) are experiencing a phase-out in a variety of markets across the globe due to their high global warming potential (GWP). This forces OEMs to build forward thinking business strategies when selecting a replacement refrigerant for use in their equipment.

The catch with synthetic refrigerants in ice machines is to find the perfect balance between something that will work well in the application and be available for purchase for the foreseeable future. Finding this balance has been Vogt’s focus.

Vogt’s long-term refrigerant solution is to use HFO blends that are similar in properties to R134a. These hydroflouroolefin-based refrigerants have very low GWPs that are in line with the EU F-Gas Regulation phase-down and with projected refrigerant regulations in the United States.

HFO5 Standard Features:
-25 Year Evaporator Warranty
-R513A Refrigerant
-Allen-Bradley PLC with thermocouples, pressure transducers
and multiple built-in safeties
-10.1” wide HMI display with remote access capability*
-Water-cooled or remote air-cooled operation
-Export crating (ISPM-15 Rated)
-Electronic Ice bin thermostat
-Voltage – 208/230v.,3p.,60hz.
*Requires connection to Internet (ethernet connection)

HFO5 Options:
-Voltage – 460v.,3p.,60hz.
-Voltage – 400v.,3p.,50hz.
-Condenser for sea water
-Stainless steel casings
-“CE” Approval (400v, 50hz only)
-Canadian Registration Number (CRN)
-Australian Wiring Code
-Dual Ice Feature (cylinder and crushed ice)
-Cutter for 1-1/2” long ice
-Cutter for crushed ice operation

HFO5 Standard Ice Sizes:
Tube-Ice approximately 7/8“ diameter X 1″ long (HFO5-1“ models)
Tube-Ice approximately 1 1/8“ diameter X 1″ long (HFO5 1-1/4“ models)
Tube-Ice approximately 1 3/8“ diameter X 1″ long (HFO5 1-1/2“ models)

New Control Features and Benefits:
-Allen-Bradley PLC and sensors replace FPS, Hi/Low safety switches, thaw timer, DPS, etc.
-Secure remote connectivity* with 5 user levels for extra security.
-Instant email notifications* sent to all or only some users when a machine fault occurs for shorter down time.
-HMI displays tips for machine faults for quicker and easier troubleshooting.
-Detailed history and trends for quicker troubleshooting and early identification of growing problems.
-Can safely test each individual output for faster and easier troubleshooting.
*Requires connection to Internet (ethernet connection)

Vogt 10.1″ Wide HMI Display