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Design with a Difference. Built to Last.

Vogt’s entry into the market nearly 80 years ago with the world’s first automatic sized Tube Ice Machine showcases our commitment to providing innovative, customized solutions. This pioneering attitude permeates everything we do for our customers, today and in the future. From our built-to-last designs, to our unique SuperCare Program, exceeding customer expectations is our operating standard.

All of Vogt Ice Machine and Chiller Products feature heavy-duty industrial construction, automatic operation, and the best warranties in the industry. We offer dedicated support teams, reliable service and parts, and actual human connections to help best address your individual requirements.

All Vogt Turbo systems incorporate many sanitary design features and are of stainless steel construction with NSF and USDA approved plastic components. All units are designed for inspect-ability with in-process and (or) wash down duty clean-ability in mind. Tube Ice freezer vessels are designed to ASME pressure vessel standards and certifications, exceeding 350 psi and Vogt Turbo plate ice makers and falling film chillers products are pressurized to 900 psi, over three times the plate pressure requirement per IIAR Std. II.

Vogt’s qualified team of experts include mechanical and electrical engineers specializing in refrigeration. Our shop is an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code shop meeting all of the industry standards and requirements. We have manufactured over 50,000 pressure vessels. Vogt is Engineered to Endure. Check out the Largest Single Ice Machine ever built—a 600 ton a day machine.