CB Rakes







Why use an ice rake?

PRODUCT QUALITY – The use of one or more ice rakes allows theice to “cure”. Ice delivered to a rake in a below freezing room can have residual moisture removed. The dryer (and colder) the ice, the easier to handle. Dry ice .ows better, bridges less and does not experience problems found with handling wet ice.

STORAGE VOLUME – Maximize the ice maker’s volume by providing ample storage space. Tons of ice can be stored over a period of time and delivered from the rake bin in a short period of time to meet high demands.

REDUCED ENERGY COSTS – Cheaper off-peak energy can be used to run the ice makers while the ice rakes are filled.  During the on-peak time, the ice makers can sit idle while ice is available from the ice bin.  This type of electrical load shifting can mean large savings to plant operators.


-Standard Voltage: 460v.,3p.,60hz, 120v.,1p.,60 control
-Automatic Hydraulic Door
-Direct Drive Motor
-Stainless Steel Drive and Idler Shafts
-Heavy Duty Plastic Chain & Sprockets
-PLC Controls
-VFD for Rake Drive and Floor Screw (Floor Screw by Others)
-Hoist Lower Limit Switch
-Hydraulic Hoist Assembly
-H.D.P.E. Bin and Door Liner
-Single Point Power with Disconnect
-UL508A Control Panel
-Galvanized Bin Frame


-Voltage: 230v.,3p.,60hz. , 120v.,1p.,60hz. control
-Voltage: 400v.,3p.,50hz., 120v.,1p.,50hz. control
-Front mounted hydraulics
-Stainless steel bin and door liner
-Stainless steel flites
-Stainless steel girders
-Stainless steel chain
-Stainless steel sprockets


Model Capacity
(U.S. Tons)
Overall Dimensions
CB49 49 29’9″ x 14’0″ x 11’10”
CB59 59 29’9″ x 14’0″ x 13’6″
CB75 75 29’9″ x 14’6″ x 16’4″
CB87 87 29’9″ x 16’6″ x 16’4″