About Vogt

Innovators. Vogt built the World’s first Automatic Sized Tube-Ice Machine in 1938.

By revolutionizing the commercial ice-making industry, Vogt became and continues as the leader in ice machine manufacturing with a global reach. Our Foundation of Excellence is built on over 80 years of experience. Vogt has built an unparalleled reputation as the manufacturer of the most energy efficient, highest quality, durable ice machines in the market. Customers trust our expertise in long term results for all things ice. In 1990 Vogt further expanded the product lines by welcoming the Turbo line of plate ice makers and Falling Film Chillers. The Turbo lines also had a deserved reputation for quality design supported with excellent customer responsiveness. Together, the Vogt Tube Ice and Turbo lines of ice makers and falling film chillers carry on the best traditions for excellent products and the commitment to responsive customer service.

Serving in excess of 20,000 clients worldwide in over 160 countries, Vogt is positioned to handle all your specialty ice needs whether including fragmented, cracked, crushed, or Tube Ice in various sizes. Ice Rakes, automatic block presses and falling film chillers complement the ice machines to address all customer needs. Click here to see our full line of products From Ice or reliably chilled water for Icing Fish, Produce, Meat, Poultry, Baking, Restaurants, Casinos, Hotels, Amusement Parks, Airlines, Catering, Concrete Cooling, Chemical Processing, Thermal Storage or Packaged Ice, Vogt has the right solution for your desired application.

The hallmark of our success is our ability to provide Custom Engineered, Built-to-Last Solutions. The average lifespan of a Vogt Ice machine is 25-30 years. No one in the marketplace can boast such reliability in ice machines. Vogt is built on Innovation.