Service School Fall 2018

Service School Fall 2018

Vogt Ice, LLC 1000 West Ormsby Avenue, Suite 19 Louisville, KY 40210
HE Series and Mid-size machines – November 12th-15th 2018
November 12-13 will be the HE series machines
November 14th-15th will be the Mid-size machine class (P112 – P118F – P18XT)
Price per person
HE series machines – $250.00 Mid-size $250.00
Both $450.00
Course includes class, factory tour and some hands-on training. Class will begin at 8:00am dismiss at 4:30pm each day. Classes held at the Louisville KY Factory.
Lunches and refreshments will be provided. Class size is limited.
Call Jackie Aslinger or e-mail to register 502-635-3426

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