Vogt Ice Distributor Looks to the Past and Finds Future Savings With New Refrigerant

Vogt Ice Distributors have a great reputation for great customer service and support.  New England Marine Engineering & Supply, Inc. from New Bedford, MA is no exception. When the time came to upgrade and replace their old Turbo ice makers New England Marine customers have turned to President and Owner, Paul Nosworthy.  Paul and his team have replaced these large 20 to 30 year old Turbo icemakers, originally using R-22 with reciprocating compressors, with efficient, upgraded modular Vogt Turbo icemakers with rotary screw compressor refrigeration systems using new refrigerants.   Over the last three years Paul’s team has replaced two old 50 ton Turbo ice makers and is now mobilizing his team to replace a 150 ton to 200 ton Turbo system using ammonia now.  Per ton of ice, the new programmable controlled Vogt modular ice makers with screw compressor refrigeration systems appear to save energy and water in the range of 10% to 30% compared to the old Turbo systems.  And for several locations it looks like these new systems qualify for utility energy saving rebate programs too.   Vogt Ice thanks Paul and his team for the ongoing support of his customers, including Vogt Ice and Turbo equipment all along the New England coast.


Check out the new modular series for new zero ODP, low GWP HFO refrigerants, Models MHGZ and MCLZ and the 25 ton and 50 ton package refrigeration systems for HFOs, Model HFOPak, and for ammonia, AMOPak, at https://www.vogtice.com

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