First Vogt AmoPak 50T Delivered

Vogt has delivered the first complete AmoPak 50T, a complete skidded refrigeration system for ammonia that is capable of providing refrigeration for 50 tons or more of ice production per day.  The system is paired with a Vogt P24AL Tube Ice maker planned to operate in “crushed ice” mode.  This combination is expected to produce 38 ton of ice daily, 152% of its rated capacity.  It replaces a Turbo plate ice maker that used R-22 and which supported shrimp vessels and shrimp processing in Louisiana for 30 years.  Savings are certain due to the actual cost difference of refrigerants; But operating costs should realize significant savings too.  Gains in efficiency are expected from the new efficient Bitzer screw compressor with VFD control operating with the more efficient refrigerant. This should lower the costs per ton of ice significantly.  Anyone interested in our new line of AmoPak and HFOPak refrigeration systems, for both 25 ton or 50 ton ice production (or any other refrigeration service) is invited to contact any of our Vogt product team.  Visit our website or call us directly at 502 635 3000.  Let us show you how you can save with our newest, high efficiency, fully skidded refrigeration system.

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