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Henry Vogt Heuser, grandson of our founder Henry Vogt was an exemplary corporate citizen and a gifted inventor and entrepreneur.  He was a native of Louisville Kentucky who spent his entire career working for the Henry Vogt Machine Company, including 28 years as its president.  Whenever he had an idea about how to make something better, quicker, or easier, all he had to do was walk out to the shop floor to assess its viability and commercial potential.

Prior to his death in 1999, Mr. Heuser established the Vogt Invention and Innovation Fund to support the “Vogt Awards”.  The endowment he created allows engineers and entrepreneurs to access the same kinds of resources as he did. The Vogt Awards are granted annually to help start-up ideas, products, and projects develop into viable and successful businesses that will provide economic growth, stability, and employment for the greater Louisville area (including Southern Indiana).

We, the current employees at Vogt Ice are proud of the legacy established by Henry Vogt Heuser and invite you to view the following tribute.


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