Henry Vogt was born in Louisville in 1856 to poor German immigrants.  Shortly after becoming a journeyman machinist in 1880, together with his partner, opened a small machine shop on Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky.  Specializing in general machine repair and the manufacture of freight elevators, he recognized that an engineered proprietary product would have numerous advantages over a general machine shop and soon established the reputation of “Building It Better”.  During that same year Mr. Thomas A. Edison, a previous neighbor to Henry Vogt, was granted a U.S. patent for the invention of the first incandescent light bulb.

In 1885, a boiler shop and foundry were added to the small machine shop for the manufacture of new products.  This year marked the introduction of a new line of products used to make “artificial” ice – the Absorption Refrigeration and Ice Making Machine.  This was just the beginning of the company we know now as Vogt Ice, the world leader in ice machine manufacturing.

Henry Vogt

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