Ice Types for Consumers

Ice Types for Consumers


Vogt’s ice making product range covers a few types of ice used by everyday consumers: tube, plate and crushed. What is their purpose?


Tube and plate ice are commonly found in bags at the front of grocery stores and gas stations. Their ease of use for chilling food and drinks in a cooler for your summer cookouts makes them popular. The plate ice is collected from the machine and processed into nugget shapes for this purpose, while the tube ice is taken from the machine and dried before bagging.


Crushed ice is popular in restaurants and hotels where the ice is used in the glass. The additional surface area of crushed ice rapidly cools your drink from the time it is dispensed to the time it is served. Smaller diameter tube ice is also seen in these same places for the same reason. Vogt’s crushed ice is made on the same machine as tube ice, but with a slightly modified cutting system.


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